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 Learn How You Can Replicate Our EXACT Ad Campaigns To Make 4, 5 or 6-Figures MONTHLY On Autopilot!

Huge benefit of promoting InvestingZest Masterclass is that YOU GET PAID $223 commission/client EVERY WEEK!

Success with this affiliate program is virtually inevitable if you follow all the steps listed below.

All the materials you’ll get have been split tested dozens of times and work like crazy.

Just follow the instructions step-by-step. It’s proven to convert.

Step 1: Get Your Affiliate Link

You’ll GET 75% commission for promoting InvestingZest Masterclass as an affiliate.

If you are already an affiliate at Gumroad, then just use the following link.


If you don’t have a Gumroad account yet, then sign up using a link below.

Click Here To Sign Up At Gumroad To Become Our Affiliate

Step 2: Get Our Best Converting Media

Available sizes: 320×50, 300×250, 728×90 and 160×600. 

320×50 and 300×250 are best converting sizes for mobiles.

728×90 and 160×600 are best converting sizes for tablet, laptop and desk pc.


InvestingZest Best Converting Banners:

==> Click HERE To Get Banners


You can also use InvestingZest promo vid for passive income free training posted on Youtube.

Click on Play button to watch this promo vid on this page


Click HERE to watch it on Youtube

Step 3: Understand InvestingZest Funnel (Important!)

This is not your average affiliate offer. If you want to make average commissions you have to promote another product.

InvestingZest affiliate program produces significantly more commissions for YOU, because of the different funnel structure.

Here is how it works:

1. You will run ads (on Facebook, Youtube, TikTok…), that promote “Passive Income Free Training”

2. When someone clicks on your ad, it takes them to your landing page. To start with the free passive income training, they need to enter their email address.

3. As soon as the email address has been entered, the free passive income training link will be sent to them via autoresponder. At the same time they will be redirected using your affiliate link to InvestingZest Masterclass sales page.

4. The sales letter is designed to first thank people for showing interest to start with InvestingZest free passive income training. After that, our Masterclass is pitched to them.

5. When the customer buys the Masterclass for $297, YOU get 75% commissions or around $223 on every sale.

6. After client buys InvestingZest Masterclass, YOU instantly get $223 commission credited to your Gumroad account.

7. Gumroad will pay YOU commissions WEEKLY for promoting InvestingZest Masterclass.

Step 4: Set Up Your Autoresponder

We recommend Aweber as your autoresponder service.


Because we personally use it.

But essentially this works with any other tool as well.

Here is a simple and short explanation for pros:

You should create a list in your autoresponder program to store your new contacts. Then you should set up some kind of automation, that sends out the link to the free training, every time when a new contact gets added to your list.

Adding instructions for you to set everything + adding an email template you can use.

Here is a detailed explanation for anyone who sets up an autoresponder the first time:

A) Sign up for your account at Aweber

​B) Create new list

​C) Give your list a name (ex: InvestingZest Training) and fill in all other details.

​D) Create automation campaign


Step By Step Message Instructions

  1. Once you’ve set up your campaign, click on the “Send a Message” action you’d like to use for this Automation.

    Click the message action

  2. Then, click the “Add Automation” button in the right hand Settings menu.

    Click Add Automation

  3. You’ll have the option to select a trigger action for this Automation from the “Add Automation” menu.

    Select a trigger and action

  4. After you’ve set the trigger and action for this campaign, click “Apply” in the bottom right.

    Click Apply


Congratulations! You’ve successfully added an automation to your message. You can see which Send Message actions have an Automation by the green badge next to the subject line.


You can edit few things such as:

– For the email name type: “Your Free Passive Income Training”

– Your sender name and your email address. (ex: Daily Passive Income Ideas)

– Add call to action.

Example: text link or button with text Click HERE or text ==> Click Here To START Your Free Income Training


Make sure your call to action clickable text or button will redirect people to the following URL:


​That’s all! You are finished with the email set up.

Your email text:


I’m so glad you decided to start with passive income training. When we first started building our passive income streams, we found it difficult to decide which passive income will work for our personality and would often spend weeks fine tuning our systems.

This passive income training is a quick compilation of top 3 things that will boost your chances for financial freedom. Hope you enjoy them!

==> Click Here To START Your Free Income Training

Best wishes…

Step 5: Set Up Your Landing Page

Option A: Use a landing page builder

Top choice is Clickfunnels but also most expensive.


Much more affordable is to build a landing page using Aweber.

Click HERE to use Aweber


But essentially this works with any other tool as well.

Option B: Create a page on your website

In this case you also need to invest in buying a domain (cost around $7/year) and a quality web hosting.

We use WPX for web hosting of InvestingZest and for our flipping websites business.

We recommend WPX web hosting.

Benefits of having your own domain and a website are:

  • you get a business email. Some brands only work with affiliates that use business email (they not accept public emails like google email)
  • your domain and website is your virtual real estate and your online business. More traffic and revenue your website generates = more valuable your online business becomes.
  • healthy link in bio pointing to a quality website (instead of an affiliate link), is a ranking factor for social media platform algorithms. Either they will push reels from your account to more people – if you have a healthy link to your website. Or even shadowban your account or reduce reach of your reels – if you put affiliate link as link in your bio. This info I got indirectly from ex content moderator that worked for TikTok.

WPX received award for having fastest WordPress hosting and excellent live chat customer support (that helps you in under 30 seconds).

WPX cheapest web hosting plan comes with unlimited amount of business emails. Plus it includes 5 websites hosting – which is perfect if you want to do flipping websites as your favorite passive income stream.

Click HERE To Use WPX Web Hosting

Step 6: Send Traffic To Your Landing Page

Option A:

… I want to run paid traffic / advertisements (recommended)

BEFORE you set up any ads, please make sure that your landing page is set up properly.

Where to run paid ads?

You can run paid ads on any ads network.

Recommended paid ads network for you to use are: Facebook Ads, Youtube Ads, Google Search Ads.

You can also try ad networks on other platforms – especially TikTok Ads are gaining in popularity.

Option B:

… I want to use my FREE traffic (email list, social media followers etc.)

Press the link or button below to get email swipes (premade email templates), that you can use to earn commission from people in your mailing list.

Click HERE To Get Email Swipes