Five Sites That Pay Writers Up To $1,000 Per Article

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Five Sites That Pay Writers Up To $1,000 Per Article by InvestingZest

Are you looking for sites that are willing to pay You up to $1,000 per article?

Find this info right here.

This article looks at several incredible websites that pay anywhere from $100 up to $500 per article.

If you’re writing articles for these magazines, you can earn thousands of dollars per month.

Writing interesting and an engaging content can earn you good money online.

Continue reading to learn more about these great sites where you can earn $500 for one article.

Let’s get right to these websites that are willing to pay YOU anywhere from $100 up to $1,000 for your article.


Reader’s Digest: $250 Per Story

Reader’s Digest can be the ideal choice for you if you’re a freelance writer looking for websites that pay $500 for one post.

My Story  $250USD

Kindness of Strangers   Up to $150 USD

Anecdotes and Jokes $50-$100 USD

Your Deepest Wish Up to $200 USD

Smart Animals   Up to $100 USD

Total up to $800 for various article submissions.

Official site for more info: Reader’s Digest Asia


International Living: $400 for Travel Writing

Current price list how much they pay You.

  • $225 for 900 Words
  • $350 for 1600 words
  • $50 for photographs

Official site for more info: International Living


Inc: Businees Articles

Looking for writers with experience in business related industries.

They pay up to $500 per article

Official site for more info: Inc


The Sun: $300+ For Lifestyle

They pay for lifestyle articles $300 and up.

Official site for more info: The Sun


Wall Street Journal: $1,000 for 1k words

They pay $1 per word so an article of 1,000 words means You EARN $1,000.

Email all questions and submissions to Daniel Varghese, Gear and Gadgets Editor of Wall Street Journal at:

Official website: WSJ